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Kitchen Services - Right To Know, Plus American Hazmat
This training video examines workplace dangers for the kitchen employee, including physical, equipment, chemical and electrical hazards. Uses easy to relate to real-life kitchen situations. Discusses exposure hazards, personal protective equipment, proper storage of materials, and handling accidents and emergencies, including first-aid. Stresses employee right to know and safety throughout.
Length: 25 minutes
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Our price: $150.00 (€130.50)
Only One Earth
This dramatic video will familiarize your employees and/or tenants with the history of waste, the dangers of depleting natural resources, and various methods of recycling. Office paper reduction and recycling are now facts of life, and the impact of this motivational video will create enthusiasm for your recycling efforts.
NOTE: This video has a supporting publication titled: Implement An Office Paper Recycling Program.
(See the book section of this website for more information.)
Length: 15 minutes
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Our price: $78.00 (€67.86)
Porcelain and Formica Repair
You can earn up to $75 an hour doing simple formica and porcelain repairs. This training video demonstrates the precise step-by-step procedures for repairing chips, cuts, gouges, and burns on appliances, sinks, countertops and fiberglass tub surrounds. It will get you started in a profitable and growing specialty service.
Length: 30 minutes
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Our price: $79.00 (€68.73)
You're the Problem: Tough Talk for Troubled Times
In this hard hitting, pull no punches audio cassette, Wm R. Griffin tells you just what is required to be effective and successful. The newspapers, radio and TV all tell us we live in troubled times, and many people blame the government, the economy, or our foreign competitors. Yet the undeniable truth is you are personally responsible for the quality and richness of your life and business. If you want the rewards success has to offer, you have to buckle down, accept responsibility and do what it takes to get what you want.
Problems are inherent in life: you can either rise to the occasion and master your circumstances or you can be overwhelmed, embittered and impoverished. The choice is yours. Persistence, concentrated effort, and a determination to achieve personal excellence are the keys to success. In this tape, Bill Griffin gives you that needed kick in the seat of the pants to get you moving on the road to success.
Length: 45 minutes
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Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)