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Daily Floor Maintenance
This video reviews the daily maintenance procedures for carpet and resilient floors. It illustrates the proper procedures for damp mopping, spot mopping, dust mopping, and wet mopping. Equipment presented includes large industrial vacuums, tank type and upright vacuums, motorless sweepers, and other carpet maintenance equipment.
Length: 22 minutes
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Our price: $150.00 (€130.50)

Diagnostic Techniques for the Investigation of Carpet Complaints
Your income as a carpet inspector depends on your ability to investigate carpet complaints and determine who is at fault and if the problem can be corrected on-site. This book provides a series of fault finding charts, test methods, and a number of sample reports.
This book was prepared as a field manual for the investigation of carpet complaints and is particularly useful for carpet manufacturers.
68 pages
Binding: Comb
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Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
Dimension Stone Design Manual, VII
A 400 page hardcopy 3-ring binder format, along with a CD of each chapter in pdf format. Includes info about the "Green" movement: current 2005 countertop specifications: new chapter on soapstone and much more!
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Our price: $350.00 (€304.50)
Do I Dust or Vacuum First?
Take it from a guy with over twenty-five years experience in the house cleaning business, who really knows his dirt. Professional advice is given on cleaning such items as light fixtures, bathtubs, vents, screens, ovens, drapes, stairs and walls. A detailed step by step section covers such nitty-gritty problems as carpet stains and pet odor. Humorous illustrations and a lively writing style make this book fun to read and an excellent reference manual.
83 pages
Binding: Paper
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Drapery Cleaning On-Site
Until now, home owners, property managers, cleaning services and renters desiring clean draperies had to take them down and have them cleaned in-plant by commercial dry cleaning companies. This disassembly, cleaning, and reinstallation is time consuming, potentially damaging, difficult and expensive. A better approach is now available: portable-cleaning equipment allows on-site wet or dry cleaning of drapery fabrics safely, effectively, and profitably. On-site drapery cleaning is one of the newest and most exciting specialty services in the cleaning industry today. It offers tremendous income opportunities in a largely untapped marketplace. The author, with over 25 years experience cleaning draperies in California, gives you up-to-date, practical advice on using the latest equipment, chemicals, and procedures. Learn how to identify potential problems and pitfalls before they cost you time and money.
122 pages
Binding: Paperback
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Our price: $25.00 (€21.75)