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Kitchen Services - Right To Know, Plus American Hazmat
This training video examines workplace dangers for the kitchen employee, including physical, equipment, chemical and electrical hazards. Uses easy to relate to real-life kitchen situations. Discusses exposure hazards, personal protective equipment, proper storage of materials, and handling accidents and emergencies, including first-aid. Stresses employee right to know and safety throughout.
Length: 25 minutes
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Our price: $150.00 (€130.50)
A fix-it book covering the basics of carpentry, plumbing and electrical maintenance. Its easy to follow format is ideal for entry level training courses in residential, commercial, and apartment building maintenance. Six illustrated chapters provide step by step procedures for basic repair and maintenance duties including: tools, wood-working, painting, plumbing and electricity. Fun to read and easy to follow guidelines for the aspiring do-it-yourselfer and handyman. Excellent for use in job training programs in high schools, colleges, and public works projects.
220 pages
Binding: Paperback
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Our price: $24.00 (€20.88)