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Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner's Handbook
While the title of this book is the Upholstery and Fabric Cleaner's Handbook, it probably would be simpler and more accurate to title it the Textile Cleaner's Handbook. Textiles which are used for interior decor will all eventually need to be cleaned and with the knowledge and techniques which are discussed within these chapters you should be comfortable cleaning most of them.
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Upholstery Cleaning On-Site
Industry leaders estimate that as much as 95% of the furniture sold each year is not professionally cleaned on a regular basis. With over seven billion dollars worth of fabric covered furniture sold each year to residential buyers alone, upholstery cleaning is one of the largest untapped markets in the cleaning industry. For the self-employed cleaner, this is a highly profitable market that is waiting to be sold, serviced, and maintained. In the past, furniture cleaning was largely a matter of washing down soiled fabric with a soapy sponge. Now with the advent of new fabrics, finishes, and dye systems, cleaning has become a more complex task, requiring special skills, knowledge, equipment, chemicals, and procedures. This book provides step by step how-to procedures and the practical information you need to take advantage of the many profitable opportunities available in the on-site upholstery cleaning industry.
57 pages
Binding: Paperback
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